Zidora Group is a conglomerate known for their excellent services, modern and effective approach to problem solving as well as their pristine reputation.www.zidoragroup.com The president of zidora group Chief Dr. Arinze Harrison Madueke is a seasoned medical doctor, entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

Zidora group had vast interests which cut across sectors like Travels and Tour, Education, Agriculture and Food Services, Oil and Gas, Dredging and Mining, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.
We’ll be talking about one of the subsidiaries of Zidora Group of Companies which is Zidora Travels
Zidora Travel and Tour is a travel agency that provides quick and reliable visa packages and all, travel services to their clients. Their visa packages includes:
1. Tourist Visa
2. Work Permits (Canada, Australia, Dubai, Qatar and USA).
3. Study abroad Services.
4. Medical Visa
5. They also assist pregnant women who are interested in giving birth in USA acquire their Visa, they also help in accommodation and logistics assistance, Doctor’s appointment for point of Entry purpose.
They offer assistance in visa processing to countries like USA, Uk, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Asia countries and Schengen Countries.
They offer the following world class services:
i. Excellent protocol services
ii. Air-Ticketing, seat reservation and confirmation
iii. Visa related services, i.e. providing advice on how to complete visa application form and assist in obtaining them.
iv. Meeting, seminars and conference planning
v. Family travels and tour packages.
vi. Schools/youth excursion/holidays
vii. Religious pilgrimages
viii. Free airport pick and drop for international flights
ix. Hotel reservation.
•Are you about to apply for visa and you need your documents assessed and to be given professional guide to avoid a refusal?

• Has your visa application been unfairly refused and you need immediate and positive solution through either appeal, administrative review or a reapplication?

•Would you like to study, live and work abroad and need school admission, student visa or work permit?

•Would you like to secure visa to UK, USA, Canada, China, Dubai, South Africa or any Schengen Country?

• Do you need travel support such as hotel reservation, travel insurance, flight reservation, interview appointment etc?

Then think Zidora Travel and Tour.

Visit www.zidoraconsults.com/testimonies to view success stories of people we have
helped to successfully travel abroad.