Zidora Group; a leading service delivery company with multiple subsidiaries
and businesses, has just opened a new office in Abuja, the
Nation’s capital.

Zidora Group, a company founded by Dr. Arinze Madueke, Anambra born medical
doctor turned entrepreneur, less than a decade ago, with just one office in
Lagos, has risen to dominate Nigeria travel and tours industry, with
considerable stakes in other business areas such as oil and gas,
agriculture and food production, pharmaceuticals, real estate, travels and
foreign education placement .

Dr. Arinze Madueke. Chairman/CEO, Zidora Group

Dr. Arinze Madueke. Chairman/CEO, Zidora Group

The Abuja office located at No.14 Emeka Anyaoku Street, Garki is a combination of
class and excellence. Speaking, Dr. Madueke said that Zidora Group is a
brand that passionately pursues excellence and will go the extra miles to
ensure that their five star service delivery is given in a five star
environment. In his words, “At Zidora, we go after excellence with
everything we have. We believe our workers need to work in a perfect or
near perfect environment. We also believe our clients deserve the best. We
offer the best quality services comparable to what can be obtained in
developed world”.

Going further, he said, “For me personally, it is not just about business.
It’s about establishing and pursuing a culture of excellence”.

Zidora Group has three main branches in Lagos; Okota branch,lekki and
Ikeja.The company also has a branch in Onitsha, located at Awka Road;
Onitsha. The Abuja office is the newest addition.
In all, there are over 200 workers in direct and indirect employment with
Zidora. According to Dr. Madueke, “nothing makes me fulfilled like being
able to pay my workers every month. There is this happiness that through
our efforts, we are able to help all these Nigerians make a living”.

The new Zidora office in Abuja will offer the following services;
Real estate, Travels and foreign education placement.
“The quality of our services remains constant. Five star services. Feel
free to stop by”, Dr. Madueke added.