I intend writing this in two parts;this is the first article.I  have often read about how medical centers or hospitals have refused to attend to emergencies until certain amount of money has been paid…..it happened right before my eyes yesterday.


The names of these hostipals that were involved in these incident are MANIFED HOSPITAL AND TOLU HOSPITAL, Both are located at IYANA ISHERI BUS STOP, IJEGUN ROAD, IKOTUN LAGOS.

(After due consultations, I had to publish the names of these hospitals for proper action to be taken)


I was opportune to take an elderly father who required an urgent medical attention last night to a well respected hospital in ikotun area of Lagos (which was also recommended by my own father). On getting there, I went to see the nurses and requested that they quickly come and attend to the emergency.


I got the shocker of my life when I was told to leave the patient in the car and go and bring N2000 for card (medical record) and make deposit of N10,000 for the bills. I almost went in revolt! I asked “is that your priority”? “Have you come to check on the emergency first”?  “If it was your own father, would you request for this”? Nonsense!


I told her I would return in due time to treat this matter.


I thought I had seen it all.

We took our dear baba to another private hospital. This time the doctor came out, look at the patient and said we should take him to a general hospital (IGANDO GENERAL HOSPITAL). Though I appreciated his effort but I was very upset. I told him why couldn’t at least stabilize the patient through first aid first?


My words fell on deaf ears as the doctor rudely walked away.

We finally went to a general hospital and was attended to.


Now, I want to ask, what if this dear man had died on the way? This is how many Nigerians have met their unplanned end because of greed! I am calling on all medical personnel, government functionaries and everyone working in the health sector to address this menace. It is totally unacceptable in my own country to be asked for money before treatment is given…it’s too unfortunate.


I would describe another aspect of what happened at the general hospital in the next article.


Thank you.


-Samuel Zion