Afrikan Fusion Fest is set to captivate audiences in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 14th – 15th,2024. This vibrant event, themed Afrika Unveiled, will showcase the richness of African culturethrough sustainable fashion, digital art, music, and cuisine, all while promoting environmentalawareness and cross-cultural understanding.
The inaugural Afrikan Fusion Fest promises an immersive experience that celebrates Africanheritage and creativity. Attendees can expect to be blown away by stunning fashion displays,inspired by captivating art installations, and moved by soulful music performances.
“We are thrilled to bring the Afrikan Fusion Festival to Stockholm,” said Adeife

Fadahunsi,Coveyner, Afrikan Fusion Festival. “This event is a celebration of African culture andsustainability, and we believe it will resonate with people from all walks of life. It’s an opportunityto showcase the beauty and diversity of Africa while promoting important values likeenvironmental stewardship and unity.”
“It is high time the world understood our story and cultural nuances beyond the generalized andcommercialized narrative being told, and we intend to do so with Afrikan Fusion Fest because italigns with our vision,” she said.
In addition to its cultural offerings, Afrikan Fusion Fest 2024 will feature interactive workshops,insightful panel discussions, and a marketplace highlighting African artisans and designers. Theevent aims to not only entertain but also educate and inspire attendees to embrace andcelebrate diversity. Some of the speakers slated for the event include Bayo Lawal, Mèba Moché,Desmond Wright, and Kola Oshalusi, among others

Tickets for Afrikan Fusion Fest 2024 are available now at Don’t miss thisunique opportunity to experience the vibrancy of African culture in the heart of Stockholm. Joinus as we celebrate Afrika Unveiled!
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Aizehi Itua
Event Director