Recently, Canada’s government released the Annual Report to Parliament on immigration 2020. The report was released to the public with an overview of the latest immigration developments in Canada. It was released alongside Canada Immigration Levels Plan.

But in Africa, despite the ambition of many business men, graduates, families,workers etc to relocate to Canada,what has been the challenge is adequate information about how these progarms work and the appropriate organisation that can help their dreams become true. This is where Altec Global Inc comes in.

Altec Global Inc., a Toronto based Immigration and Business consulting firm, was established in 1992 to assist persons who wish to live, work or study in Canada.  The head of the firm, Susan Gong, gives leadership to her team of 10 with a combined experience of over 100 years in providing a complete range of Canadian Immigration services to individuals and their families.

Susan, the CEO, brings her experience as a Chartered Accountant and business owner as well as a former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in providing leadership to her team.  Altec provides the full range of Canadian Immigration services to people from around the world who wish to visit, live, work and study in Canada. It’s team consists of persons with considerable experience in Canadian immigration matters.

The Team

Susan Gong is a former Board Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board and brings her experience and knowledge as a Chartered Accountant and business owner to assist persons who want to establish themselves in a business in Canada.

Gerry Weiner is a former Minister of Immigration of Canada as well as a former businessman in Montreal. He has the knowledge, experience and connections particularly in Montreal to assist persons interested in establishing themselves in Quebec.

James Metcalfe is a former Canadian Consul and Visa Officer who has extensive experience outside as well as inside Canada in the area of Canadian Immigration. His experience allows him to identify issues and problems with applications and suggest resolutions to issues which can arise in the course of applications.

According to Susan, Altec team is comprised of experienced file handlers who have a combined 40 years of experience in preparing applications for persons seeking benefits under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  This forms the foundations of the company and who have the experience and know how to prepare applications for all types of immigration applications.

Canada offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for persons who wish to live, work and establish businesses in the country. Most provinces in Canada offer programs for persons to be nominated by the province and subsequently be approved by the federal government. Navigating through the different programs to find the appropriate one for applicants can be difficult at the best of times.

Hence, this requires a sound knowledge of programs across Canada or in the case of Altec Global a solid working relationship with Lawyers and Consultants in various provinces who can assist Altec Global clients achieve their goals. Altec currently represents clients wishing to reside and work in Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island in the east of Canada and Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia in the west.


Immigration Programs & Pathways

As at present, Canada has over 100 immigration programs; offering a wide range of opportunities  by which persons can immigrate to the country either as temporary residents with permission to work or study or become Permanent Residents. Navigation through this maze of programs can be difficult for a potential applicant and can lead to disappointment and failure for a person not familiar with all the requirements.  It is advisable that potential immigrants to Canada discuss all possibilities before deciding to proceed.

The most popular programs available are the Federal Express Entry program which requires a potential applicant to post a profile on a federal government website and monitor the regular pass mark for successful applicants. Persons who meet the age, education, language and work experience criteria  and have their application selected based on a Points  system will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

Similarly, provincial governments can draw on profiles submitted by potential applicants and using their own criteria can select applicants that meet their own profile.    As provincial governments give preference to applicants who have a connection to their province, either through relatives living there or having studied in the province, it makes sense to show a strong connection to the province if you expect to be selected.

Quebec operates its own selection system which requires that anyone wishing to immigrate to that province obtain a CSQ or Certificate de Selection de Quebec before any Canadian Permanent Resident Visa can be issued.  Altec is fortunate to work with a leading law firm in Montreal to provide assistance to our clients that are destined to Quebec.  Immigrating to Canada can be a complex procedure with many steps along the way to success. Unless you have an intimate knowledge of all the procedures it is best to engage the services of a seasoned professional advisor.

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