Consumers across Nigeria have commended the ongoing #breakfastwithChivita100% campaign being deployed on television, radio, digital media and out-of-home platforms. The campaign which seeks to raise consumer consciousness on the many benefits of having a complete healthy breakfast with Chivita 100% is generating positive reviews and resonating with the aspirations of health conscious consumers.
For some brand experts, the #breakfastwithChivita100% campaign is an innovative strategy to not only promote the culture of a complete healthy breakfast in Nigeria but to also own the breakfast narrative by highlighting the unique value of its flagship brand, Chivita 100% in the breakfast mix. The use of internationally renowned soccer stars like Wayne Rooney, Marcus Rashford, Eric Bailly and Juan Mata in the television advertisement to project the brand’s breakfast narrative is connecting with the consumer base and its effectiveness is largely seen in the growing number of consumers who have made Chivita 100% their preferred breakfast beverage at homes, offices and restaurants.
According to Martins Nnadi, an IT professional, “The #breakfastwithChivita100% publicity campaign has been massive and is gradually shaping consumer opinion of a complete healthy breakfast. We all know that maintaining a healthy complete breakfast has a vital influence on our wellbeing, but Chivita 100% reiterates this in an engaging manner in its current campaign. For busy executives like myself, having a glass of Chivita 100% with breakfast is fast becoming a lifestyle choice because it offers the benefit of having a complete breakfast dietary requirements in spite of our schedules”
Mrs Beatrice Okon, a business woman and mother of two stated that “My children find the taste of Chivita 100% Real Orange variant irresistible and it is delightful as well as convenient to me as a mother to make it an integral part of their breakfast. The publicity blitz has made them conversant with the campaign message of ‘Breakfast isn’t complete without Chivita 100% fruit juice made from real natural fruits with no added sugar’ a point they emphasize every morning during breakfast. In addition to providing the essential nutrients they require for nourishment, its exciting variants and natural fruit mix makes the fruit juice a perfect beverage complement to our varied healthy breakfast diet”
Speaking on the success of the Chivita 100% breakfast Campaign, Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing Mr. Probal Bhattacharya, said “Our objective is to highlight the importance of a complete healthy breakfast and encourage consumers to achieve this daily by including a glass of Chivita 100% as part of their breakfast. Based on numerous positive feedback being received from consumers across the country,it is our belief that, with time, whenever breakfast is mentioned, Chivita 100% will readily come to mind as the preferred beverage”
Made from Real natural fruits with no added sugar, no preservatives and no added colour, Chivita 100% fruit juice is available in six variants of real orange, real apple, real pineapple, red grape, orange pineapple & orange mange and 1 litre, 315ml and 200ml pack sizes.

Incorporated in 1980, CHI limited is one of the most admired companies in the domain of Food & Beverages in Nigeria. While it prides itself in offering products that are themselves benchmarks in their respective categories of Juice, Dairy based Beverages & Snacks, each CHI offering is admired for its highest quality, nutrition & health standards. Today, CHI Limited is the undisputed market leader in juices, fruit drinks and drinking yogurts in Nigeria. The company attained this status by consistently delivering innovative products that have become household names in Nigeria.
In the fruit juice category, mega brands like CHIVITA 100%, CHIVITA Active, CHI Exotic, Happy Hour by CHIVITA, CHI Ice Tea and Capri-Sonne occupy leading positions in their respective segments. CHI Limited also takes great pride in its range of dairy products, such as Hollandia Yoghurt, Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Hollandia UHT Milk, Hollandia Malt and Milk to name a few and its range of snack foods like CHI Superbite Premium Beef Sausage Roll, Beefie Beef Roll, Beefie Meatpie and CHI Classic Cake.
An ISO 22000 certified company, CHI Limited’s world class, state of the art manufacturing facility deploys the most advanced processing and packaging technology available anywhere in the world. The company also dedicates resources to research and development to ensure that CHI products provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that the consumer requires for healthy living. This is why the ‘’House of CHI’’ logo is now widely regarded as a symbol of unquestionable quality.
CHI Limited has established footprints in urban and rural Nigeria with large number of depot operations across the nation. The company is also one of the few Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies flying the Nigerian flag across Africa with quality exports that are competing favorably with brands from the rest of the world.
The passion for excellence and commitment for sustainable development is exemplified by the significant investment of CHI Limited in manufacturing and other related infrastructure projects. Thus, CHI Limited provides direct employment to over 2,500 employees and indirect employment to an estimated 50,000 people throughout its value chain.