“The Agropreneur” is an agricultural based television reality show.
The show shall focus on raising agro entrepreneurs from our farmers and those intending to go into farming.
It shall bring farmers and agriculture to the front line where they truly belong, it shall create jobs, empower the farmers with the basic modern tools required to excel in his field.
It is a contest with a difference that shall have what I call “agropretainment”; a blend of agriculture, entrepreneurship and entertainment.
It promises to be informative, educative, exciting, adventurous and entertaining
Participants shall receive training on various areas of agriculture and shall be turned from being just farmers to being “corporate farmers”, what I also call “Agropreneurs”. There shall be a little mix of entertainment so the show is not boring and to attract the attention of the youths to the show.

To change the focus of the Nigerian youths and the older citizens from oil to agriculture and make the nation green again
To turn the Nigerian youths from white collar to green collar jobs
To bring agriculture and farmers to the fore
To provide funding for the farmer through partnership
To provide training & Mentorship
To promote organic farming and discourage the use of GMOS
To showcase Nigeria’s rich Agricultural heritage/ potential to the world
To showcase Nigeria as the next Agricultural haven to the world
To provide a lead for the Nation out of recession
To create jobs
To reduce the crime rate in the country
To create wealth
To increase the GDP of the nation
To encourage every Nigerian to own a farm either as a means of livelihood or to feed his immediate family
Thirty (30) Nigerians drawn from the six (6) geo political zones of the country shall make it to the house; five participants from each zone shall emerge after a thorough scrutiny from a panel of foremost agriculturist.
They shall live in a farm house for 30 days
They shall be engaged in large mechanized farms across the country
They shall be engaged in the plant a tree campaign, the green revolution
They shall be given various individual and group tasks to undertake. And that would form the bases of their eviction
Through a steady process of elimination, contestants shall be eliminated on the bases of their performance
Five (5) contestants shall make it to the grand finale, out of which 1st and 2nd runner up would be named and awarded. The climax shall be the crowning of “The Agropreneur”.
All the other contestants shall have access to interest free Agric start up loans
A one (1) hour television reality show based on the activities in the academy shall be televised for the viewers in Africa, Nigeria and indeed the world.
The show shall be anchored by a television personality and
Interested participants are to make payment of #5,000 into designated account either online or through bank teller. Access to the registration form will be granted once payment is confirmed.
Completed forms are to be submitted online to designated email addresses; depending on the geopolitical zone you reside, along with your agro business plan
Applicants must be Nigerians; home or abroad
Must be 18 yrs and above
Must have interest in starting and developing his agro business in Nigeria
Should have a good business plan
Can be an existing agro business person needing funds and support or one interested in venturing into agriculture
Suitable, interested, intending farmers & agro dealers who have applied shall be required to submit their business plans
A panel of agriculturist shall do a thorough scrutiny of all submitted business plans at the various zones
The panel and crew shall visit the 6 geo political zones to scrutinize applicants from the zones
Those selected shall make it to the house, and be admitted into “the Agropreneur Academy”
5 persons shall make it to the academy from each zone
The winner shall be awarded the sum of ten million naira (#10,000,000),
A brand new SUV and a Farm Simulator
The 1st runner up shall be awarded the sum of three million naira (#3,000,000) and a Rice Miller
The 2nd runner up shall be awarded the sum of one million naira (#1,000,000)
There shall be lots of prizes to be won by the viewers at home as well as the studio audience
It shall be an annual show.
Application opens 1st of August, 2017 and closes 31st of October, 2017.