The issue of gay wedding seems to be generating a lot of controversies as certain Nigerians are scratching their heads, wondering why the police were super quick to nab over 100 less famous gay suspects and crossdressers, but turned a blind eye to the big shots like Bobrisky and James Brown. DSP Bright Edafe has stepped in to address the raised eyebrows and critiques,
SP Bright Edafe, a public relation Officer, has taken to social media to give a fiery response to critics calling for the arrest of the renowned crossdressers, Bobrisky and James Brown.

Recall that the Delta police command in Asaba had on Tuesday apprehended over 100 suspects allegedly involved in a gay wedding ceremony that took place within the state.

Security operatives subsequently paraded the said suspects, and journalists spoke to some of them.
However, Twitter bigwig Daniel Regha didn’t mince words as he decried the arrest of the suspects. He squarely pointed out that personalities like Bobrisky, James Brown, and Enioluwa, who actively champion cross-dressing, are still strutting about without being punished.
He argued that unless these crossdressers face legal repercussions, others will keep copying them.

Regha emphasized that nabbing 100 cross-dressers in Delta is just scratching the surface, and he queried why they are reluctant to arrest their mentors.

He further expressed that the police should make a conspicuous demonstration out of them.

He tweeted, “Bobrisky, James Brown, Eni & others who champion cross-dressing are still walking free; Until these people are prosecuted, many will continue to emulate.

Arresting 100 cross-dressers in Delta is one thing, but why ignore their mentors? The police should make an example of ’em.”


Responding, DSP Bright Edafe, hit back by telling Daniel Regha to verify his facts.

He clarified that the 100-plus individuals suspected of homosexuality weren’t arrested for cross-dressing; rather, they were detained for organizing and attending a same-sex wedding.

DSP Bright then dared Daniel to provide a legal reference that classifies cross-dressing as a punishable offense or labels it as unlawful.

He replied;

“Daniel, get your facts right, they were not arrested for cross-dressing, they were arrested for conducting and attending a gay wedding ceremony.

Bring a part of the law that stipulates punishment for cross-dressing or categorize it as an offense.”