MakeMyDay, the primary source for social media networking on the Continent of Africa, was officially launched on January 16, 2015, with friends and family in Lagos, Nigeria. The platform will serve a population of some 1,033 billion people currently living in the 52 countries of Africa, of which 494,601,127 fall within the ages 15 –44, with a growth rate of 2 per cent per year.

According to Babajide John Olawunmi, Founder/CEO of Brain Box Entertainment, the aim of MakeMyDay is to give individuals the opportunity to share with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

“Most importantly, it gives people the opportunity to interact with the site’s administration, which is unheard of in social networking,” said Olawunmi.

“MakeMyDay allows people the opportunity to share experiences, which is something that has become a daily occurrence for most people around the world,” added Olawunmi. It also has the regular chat forum, and people can make friends and interact as on our network.

The unique difference between the standard sharing of platforms and MakeMyDay, according to Olawunmi, is that, on the one hand, it will promote education and growth as a primary principle. On the converse, it will provide in house consultants, who will provide guidance in areas such as marriage, courtship, dating, business finance, and entrepreneurship.

The MakeMyDay Social Network (MakeMyDay) is the brainchild of Brainbox Entertainment, which has the vision of excelling in the area of educating its subscribers along with the primary aim of bringing people from all walks of life together.

“MakeMyDay hopes to help in bringing time tested and relevant counseling to its subscribers in the following areas: Marriage, Courtship, Dating, Business financing and Entrepreneurship,” noted Olawunmi.
Apart from the above-mentioned areas, which are aimed at developing our subscribers, Olawunmi said Brainbox intends to be part of the lives of its subscribers.

“To this end, we shall take out time to celebrate our subscribers who participate in our weekly celebration contest and emerge with the largest profile viewership in their category, which could range from birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and/or child dedication. Besides, it is our earnest desire to be part of our subscribers’ happy moments and this is why the social network is called “MAKE MY DAY,” he explained.

The services will be provided primarily online, but according to the spokesperson, the company will host offices in each country that it markets to, with the intent of helping individuals with through counseling, as well as, developing that proper online identity.

As Africa’s largest Social Network, MakeMyDay creates happiness in the area of counseling, celebration, and gift experiences, and delivers happiness to millions of subscribers in Africa,” said Olawunmi, who is looking for additional capital investment of $15,000,000 to expand the operations of

“MAKE MY DAY” is primarily a social network that we have tagged “Africa foremost online celebration community.” This is so because unlike existing social network like Facebook, and Twitter, “MAKE MY DAY” aims at breaking barrier between subscribers and the administrators, we have in-house consultants that can give counsel on important subject matters ranging from a Marriage, Courtship, Dating, Business financing and

Entrepreneurship. This is particularly so because we intend not only to give people an opportunity to spend their time but to invest same, I am of the strong opinion that time is a valuable commodity and people should not spend all their lives gossiping through social network but such social networks should bring education to the people at the most convenient time and place.


Brain box Entertainment Ltd is an African Entertainment Company with a vision of developing the African Entertainment industry to a level that is comparable to what is obtainable in other continents. The Company was incorporated in 2009 when I and my brother start with researching without a computer. is wholly owned by Brainbox Entertainment Limited, which is an entity legally registered to do business in the Country of Nigeria. Brainbox has been in research operation since 2004 and has owned and operated since its inception.