For most corporate and post graduate institutions, staff and prospective students’ degrees and certificate verifications is a constant and arduous cycle for which all involved parties must set aside time and financial resources to meet.
However, the recent liberties provided by the advent of internet technology have paved ways to ease this process and Obafemi Awolowo University is proving to be an early adopter in this matter.
As part of the university’s ongoing efforts to smoothen the continuing education and other post-university needs and requests of its students, both present and former; and all other stakeholders who interact with the university, the institution has partnered with ETX-NG to handle all its transcript, degrees and credentials verification.
Speaking to stakeholders during an enlightenment session on the benefits derivable from the process, the Managing Director of ETX-NG, Mr Hillary Obomighie stated that the new system would make responding to verification request much easier and faster for staff of the Universities registry due to enhanced automation. Also, requests from third party institutions such as WES (World Education Services) which is an International Credentials Evaluation Company can now be handled and turned around with little or no effort.
Although, it might suffice to say that while correctly regarded an early adopter of this method on a corporate level, OAU is employing a system that is already gaining momentum amongst individuals and other institutions for its ease of online transcript request, payment and delivery, and also credentials verifications, all with guaranteed security. In his speech, Mr Obomighie said his firm is glad to partner with OAU to relieve thousands of people and institutions the burden of physically travelling and visiting schools for transcript request and credentials verification. “In these critical times, everyone should be able to save some money and time, which is why the usual has gotten its own OAU extension: for all stakeholders of the institution”, Mr. Obomighie added to a cheering audience.
ETX-NG is an electronic transcript exchange and degree verification system, which allows free participation of all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is noted that this service is open to other universities, polytechnics and professional certification bodies in Nigeria who wish to participate.