A necessary attribute of beauty is a white smile. Beautiful white teeth is something everyone wants to have. Nowadays, the technologies of teeth whitening have made this luxury accessible to everyone. But how safe the whitening procedure is? And what option is better to choose? Before deciding on a teeth-whitening procedure, it is worth to look into these matters.

What determines the color of the teeth?
There are no absolutely white teeth. There is dentin under the tooth enamel, and its natural color is yellow. The shade of your teeth depends on how transparent your enamel is. The normal color of the teeth may be of different shades of yellow-white and greyish-white.

The color of your teeth depends on a genetic predisposition and a lifestyle of a person. As a general rule, smokers have darker teeth, they have brownish patina on their teeth. Also, teeth darken from dyes contained in tea, coffee, wine and fruit juices. Intensive use of antibiotics in childhood can also be the cause. Another reason – too much fluoride in drinking water.

Pros of whitening
Helps improve your smile and your appearance – Having your teeth whitened will greatly improve your smile, and will make it seem brighter. Since it also helps remove any stains on your teeth, it will also make your teeth have an even color.
· Boosts a person’s self-esteem – Along with the improvement of your smile, and your appearance because of it, you get a boost in self-esteem since you will feel better about how you look. This boost in your morale can also have a positive effect on other aspects of your life, such as your work and even your love life.
· Helps make you look younger – Teeth discoloration is sometimes associated with getting old, and this is often because of the fact that your teeth get these stains over time. Whitening your teeth may make you look younger since these will look brighter.

Cons of whitening
Whitening can lead to unpleasant consequences:
Increased tooth sensitivity to cold and high temperatures;
The micro pores can appear that contribute to destruction of an enamel;
After the whitening the pain may occur, which may bother you for several days;
There may appear the inflammation of the gums and tongue.
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