Identifying the great untapped tourism potentials of the country, Leading Marketing Communications firm, Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications Group Ltd in addition to its Marketing Communications service offerings, now also provides consulting, advisory and logistic services for corporate conferencing and tours.

The renowned marketing communications firm has in the past nine years under the platform of its tourism initiative – ‘VZ Explore’, mastered the act of corporate conferencing and tourism which has had the Verdant Zeal Group composed of six other subsidiary firms travel across different countries of the African Continent and States in Nigeria.

To decision to take up the skill and experience and professionalism acquired over the years of the VZ Explore initiative into a business line was recently reached in Abeokuta when the group held the 9th edition of its annual ‘VZExplore’ series held on November 18 – 20th, 2016 when it explored the enormous tourism potentials of the Gateway State – Ogun State.

The program which annually have over 50 members of staff travel to various choice destinations for exploration has seen the company in the last nine years visit South Africa, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire and a couple of other States in Nigeria.

The Group Managing Director, Mr. Tunji Olugbodi during the 3-Day engagement, enjoined staff to see the need for a concerted agenda towards ensuring the creative identification of the several need states of the nation.

His words, “Amidst the challenges of growing a profitable business, each organization is constantly plagued with the question, “So, what next”? The ability to answer this critical question is what differentiates the could-have-been great companies from those that really attains greatness”.

Olugbodi maintained that “As an emerging multinational, it is important to constantly identify need states and develop the needed skills and professionals that will allow us tap into the global economy. To relevantly appear and effectively play on the global stage will require us developing globalized products, homely grown but internationally relevant and accessible”.

“Increasingly, foreign advertising networks are now operating in Nigeria by proxy. Some are buying equity while others are simply paying retainers to local agencies to operate with their names. Meanwhile, consulting companies are starting to encroach into the marketing communication space and because they focus more on knowledge capital, it’s easier to pitch for execution than the other way round”, Olugbodi noted.

On how this is to be achieved, the Group’s Director, Content, Synergy & Innovation, Mr. Dipo Adesida noted that, “We will invest in tools, applications and processes that ensures our ability to create products and services that can be purchased across the globe with minimal human interference. Also, we have the ability to develop a strong knowledge base that create strong demand for our products and services across our key markets and the entire continent.”

Adesida also noted that Verdant Zeal which now has an operational office in Kano recently concluded a major marketing conference for over 1,500 staff of the Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) and is seeking to do same in other Northern States of the country.

The annual Verdant Zeal Explore initiative is a platform designed by the group to expose its staff to the many opportunities and possibilities that abound within the African region.