…Says Buhari speech undermines Lagos massacre

Yoruba one Voice has condemned the recent Lekki killing of peaceful protesters, describing the act as genocide.

It would be recalled that Nigerian soldiers opened fire on #ENDSARS protesters in Lagos in the most gory manner – lights were put off while the shooting spree continued unabated claiming over 7 lives.

In a statement by Yoruba One Voice Communications Director, Zacheaus Somorin, the coalition pointed that the killing was premeditated; callous, criminal and contravenes democratic engagement; saying the incident should be investigated and perpetrators brought to book.

In the President’s speech, the coalition pointed out that Buhari deliberately kept mute on Lekki’s killing, saying such silence was aimed at undermining the gravity of the killing.

YOV therefore called on the International community to sustain its intervention in the country before it slides into total anarchy.

The coalition accused the ruling party and Lagos State government of being complicit in the mayhem; harping that removing camera and light at the center of the protest was in bad faith.

”We urge the international community to sustain its intervention in Nigeria. African Union, Amnesty International, EU, US State Department, the United Nations and others, have been proactive since the crisis started. But at this critical moment in the history of Nigeria, more should be done especially the urgent prosecution by the ICC of those that may be directly or indirectly involved in the Lekki genocide”, the statement added.

On the ongoing protests across the country, YOV posited that the police have taken side with the government; as against the people as there have been reports of naked shooting of peaceful youth protesters across the country, especially in Lagos State. The coalition therefore called on the federal government to call the police to order; harpng that if the illegality continues, such may, in the long run, be uncontrollable.

Somorin, while condemning the looting by some youths in Lagos, stated that all forms of violence contravenes the spirit of #ENDSARS struggle, saying those that have been paid to attack private businesses and establishments in Yorubaland must be arrested and brought to justice.

While commiserating with the families of the bereaved, YOV explained that panels set up by the states must adhere strictly to the demands of #ENDSARS Movement, as such would placate the grievances of the protesters.