The Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose, is said to be parking out of the State’s Government House following his impeachment saga.

Fayose Refers To Jonathan As “That Stupid President”
According to, sources inside the presidency alleged that Fayose’s trouble with President Jonathan started during his re-election campaign. It was alleged that Jonathan entrusted his N21 billion campaign fund into Fayose’s hands which he allegedly mismanaged.
PDP sources said the president is angry with Fayose over the mismanagement of campaign cash and an image problem the governor caused him by his relentless attacks on the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, which raised support for the retired general while diminishing the profile of the president.

Security sources said Fayose compounded problems for himself by condemning President Jonathan for not using soldiers for the election.

“Security officers were holding a meeting with the governor and he was told to ensure adequate security to douse tension. Carelessly, the governor said he was not sure whether “that stupid President will agree like he refused to do during the presidential election”.

“Unfortunately, Fayose did not know that he was being recorded. The tape was sent to the President who after listening to it decided to leave Fayose to his fate.”

Yesterday, Governor Ayodele Fayose was said to have sensed the danger coming for being rude to his political god-father, the man who brought him back into Ekiti State House from exile.

He reportedly moved almost all his property from the Ekiti State House. Four Hilux vans were seen moving his personal belongings from the Governor’s Lodge to his Spotless Hotel.

Each Hilux van made four trips between the State House and the Spotless Hotel on Thursday.

Two weeks ago, Fayose was said to have moved some beds to his Afao and Ibadan homes.

Another source said Fayose’s behaviour betrayed his intention in recent times, citing his last week’s secret journey out of Ekiti State and today’s recorded broadcast to the Ekiti people.

“He likes loud life, but his behaviour recently suggests he is greatly troubled. He sneaked out of Ekiti State last week and quietly entered. Today, he presented a recorded broadcast to the people as a live broadcast.

Something is wrong with oga. The way he is moving his property out of the Government House confirms he is up to a game that is known only to himself,” the source said.

Another source in Abuja said Fayose has been running from pillar to post in order to seek President Jonathan’s forgiveness, citing that the opposition party leaders are the ones using black power to force him to disrespect Jonathan.