Public relations Measurement awareness in Nigeria grew from 0 to 25% awareness, with 11% application of measurement tool.

 PR agencies employing an Independent monitoring and PR measurement agency, grew from 0 – 12%.

 2016 saw the beginning of brands separating their monitoring and PR measurement brief from their PR agency’s brief.

 The Misconceptions of The Barcelona Principle 2.0 as a Measurement tool instead of a guideline to a PR measurement program still on the high side.

 The PR measurement industry moved from ‘Share of Voice’ to ‘Share of Desirable Voice’ – As PR measurement experts saw the need to separate the bad press from the good ones in analysing brands SOV.

 The Misconceptions of the AMEC new integrated framework as a measurement tool rather than a guide is still very high.

Philip Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services

Philip Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services

 The use of AVE in the Nigeria market dropped a little, there is no doubt that the market is maturing. Despite setbacks, we are making progress replacing AVEs and other meaningless metrics.

The first indigenous Independent PR measurement agency in Nigeria and also the first member of AMEC in Nigeria, P+ Measurement services started the first crusade for an Independent Media Monitoring and Measurement Association in Nigeria. As there is need for brands to separate their PR and Advertising brief from monitoring and measurement.

P+ Measurement Services started the campaign against industry denounce AVE in Nigeria and the need for PR agencies to stop marking their own homework, as Media analysis conducted by any organisation of its own work lacks independence and objectivity.

Currently led by Philip Odiakose, a Measurati, and an advocate of the Barcelona Principle 2.0.

‘We intend to grow the awareness of PR measurement in Nigeria and its application to 45% in 2017’ he said.